Best Criminal lawyer in Lahore

Best Criminal lawyer in Lahore #VoiceofJustice has the best criminal lawyers in Lahore Pakistan and are renowned defense lawyers in Lahore. There are different stages of criminal cases in Pakistan. Once an FIR is registered the first stage for an accused is the stage of bail which is a temporary concession to an accused by […]

10 Reasons to Hire a Civil Lawyer

Litigation can feel overwhelming, daunting, and has the reputation of being very expensive. However, this is seldom the case when you hire a civil lawyer. Because they understand the law, its processes, and court procedures, they will step into your shoes and deal with the entire civil dispute. That way, you as the client are […]

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation is that litigation wherein Civil Rights regarding any moveable or immoveable property may be decided by the Court of Competent Jurisdiction. Moreover the Court which decided the civil matters is called Civil Court. It usually consists of a Civil Judge who go through all the Evidence and witnesses and decide the case according […]

Cyber Law changes assailed in High Courts

Lawyers’ bodies come down hard on govt, vow to defend right to freedom of expression, media ISLAMABADILAHORE: Premier lawyers’ bodies across the country have stepped up to denounce the government for introducing oppressive amendments to the controversial electronic crimes law, which have been challenged in the Islamabad and Lahore high courts and are set to […]