About Saeed Zafar

He started his professional career as an independent attorney in 2001 after successfully completing his apprenticeship with advocates of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

As an independent attorney, He has been dealing with the number of cases related to Civil, Criminal, Corporate and family matter.

  CEO & Founder of Voice of Justice

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Legal Services

Cyber Law

Report of Cyber Crime
Hacking of Social Media Accounts
Identify Theft financial Fraud
Child Pornography
ATM Fraud
Hate Speech

Criminal Trials

Murder Trials
Burglary Trials
Robbery Trials
Pre/Post Arrest
False Charges

Family Law

Court Marriage Arrangement
Divorce /Talaaq
Dowry & Dowry Article
Child custody Service
Adoption of Child

Immigration / Visa Refusal Appeals

Student Visa Refusal Appeal
Settlement Visa Refusal Appeal
Family visa Refusal Appeal
Arrangement of Funds
Documentation for Asylum Case

Customs & FIA Tribunalls

Visa Fraud
Visa Agent Fraud
Student visa Fraud
Umrah/Hajj Fraud
Cyber Crime 
Cyber Fraud
Bank Official Crime
Online/Offline Fraud

Banking & Corporate

Recovery Suits of Bank
Credit/Debit Card Recovery
Car Lease Recovery
Running Finance Facility
Extra Markup & Interest
Drafting of Agreements & Contracts
Arbitration Proceedings

Civil Matters

illegal Occupation/Possession
Partition of Property
Transfer of Property
Exchange of Property

Sexual Offenses

Workplace Harassment
Gender Harassment
Black Mailing
Social Media Harassment

Overseas Pakistani disputes (Fast Track Litigation)

Property Disputes
Inheritance Disputes
Partition of Inherited Property
Illegal Possession of Property

Rent Matters

Land Lord/Tenant Disputes
Illegal Enactment/ Eviction
Recovery of Rent Amount
Default of Rent

Overseas Pakistanis are approximately 10 million all over the world for their better future.

Overseas Pakistanis are approximately 10 million all over the world for their better future.

Voice of Justice in competition with other firms, is a leader in the provision of civil law services

VOICE OF JUSTICE  is almost more than two decades old law firm having Unique Lawyers,

VOICE OF JUSTICE have best criminal case lawyers in Lahore who deal in all types of cases.

Family Law practice is one of the unique and time taking law practice in law field.

Divorce is one mode of dissolution of marriage, it can be done by male spouse as well as female spouse through the Family Courts by filling of Suit for Dissolution of Marriage.

Voice of Justice has the expert lawyers in child custody laws. Custody law in Pakistan safeguards the rights of both husband and wife.

Voice of Justice have the best corporate lawyers in Lahore as each of our corporate lawyer is very well equipped with corporate laws

White collar crime essentially means the crime committed by higher class of society by individual or group during their course of occupation.

The leading Law Firm of Cyber crime cases is Voice of Justice has, who have dealt with numerous Cyber Crime cases lately.

Commercial bank scheduled in Pakistan being regulated by State Bank of Pakistan offer several abundant finance facilities

Overseas Pakistanis are approximately 10 million all over the world for their better future.

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    • I know that without the help of Voice of Justice, I would not have had the success I have had. Mr. Saeed Zafar took on an extremely difficult case and faced challenges that no one expected and few had ever faced. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was revealed and presented perfectly. He supported my every request and guided me through the long process. Even though we faced difficulties, Mr. Zafar did not give up. His meticulous research provided us with the path we needed to ascend to victory. I can only recommend Voice of Justice because I have never been, and have never seen myself, treated better. I am proud to be a Voice of Justice client and will continue to engage the firm for any legal matters that may arise because I know I am in the best hands.

      Mr. Shahzaib Raza
    • My experience with Voice of Justice was great. My lawyer, Mr. Saeed Zafar, gave my case all the time and attention it needed to succeed in court. He was a calming and reassuring presence during a very difficult trial. Although I retained his services, Mr. Saeed Zafar treated me as a valued client. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and support I received through Voice of Justice.

      Mr. Ahmad Jalil
    • My experience with Voice of Justice was tremendous. These people know their job and do everything they can to help you. I consulted Voice of Justice on two different occasions and in each case the utmost care and professionalism were taken. I also appreciate working with people who care about you personally, not just working with you as a “case”. I highly recommend them.

      Mrs. Ramsha Javed
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