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#VoiceofJustice has the best criminal lawyers in Lahore Pakistan and are renowned defense lawyers in Lahore. There are different stages of criminal cases in Pakistan. Once an FIR is registered the first stage for an accused is the stage of bail which is a temporary concession to an accused by the court in the shape of the release of the accused till the disposal of the case. There are few grounds on which the bail is granted so it is very important to get the services of a competent criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan who can get accused of the bail so that he may not live behind the bar till the conclusion of the trial. In Pakistan, there are many types of bail but generally, there are two types of bail which are post-arrest and the other is pre-arrest bail. After an FIR if the accused gets arrested he can apply for post-arrest bail and if he is not arrested he can apply for pre-arrest bail. #VoiceofJustice has the best criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. One of the important issues nowadays is the registration of FIR. The law is that the investigation will start after the FIR but police officials illegally start the investigation before registering the FIR. If any police officer is not registering an FIR on your application you can contact #VoiceofJustice who will file a writ against the police officials to have your FIR registered. Our professional team handling, advising, drafting and contesting the matters like :-

Our area of practice in criminal cases includes as follows:

Murder Trial



Abduction for Ransom


Criminal Appeals in Higher Courts

Private Criminal Complaints

Domestic Violence

Habeas Corpus petitions in court

Narcotics (Possession and Trafficking) and Spurious Drugs


Accountability Offences

Financial Corruption

Attempt to Murder

Bail Matters


Narcotics (Possession and Trafficking)

Cheating and Embezzlement.

Bail Matters and Suspension of sentence

• Illegal Possession of property (Land grabbing ) and Fraudulent transfer of property

Acid burning

Petitions U/Sec. 22-A, 22-B Cr.PC,

Constitutional Writ Petitions

Excise and Customs Matters

Money Laundering

Anti-Corruption cases

Hurt of body.

Robbery and Theft

Kidnapping and Abduction for Ransom

Spurious Drugs


Suspension of sentence

Fraudulent transfer of property

Petitions U/Sec. 22-A, 22-B Cr.PC

Drugs Court Cases

Passport and Immigration Offences

Harassment cases and Habeas Corpus petitions

Banking Crimes

What if FIR has lodged?

After the registration of FIR the police starts an investigation and submits it in the court through the prosecution department after which the trial of the accused is initiated & the courts based on evidence from both sides and based on police investigation will give it’s judgment and will either convict or release the accused. It is very important to get the services of the best defense attorney in so that the accused be released. You can hire the services of the best criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan through #VoiceofJustice.

What is Private Complaint?

Trial can directly be initiated in the court if a private complaint is filed in the court through a criminal lawyer. The court will take cursory evidence and apply its conscious and judicial mind and if the court thinks that there are grounds for a trial then the court will accept the private complaint and start the trial without registration of FIR. To file a private complaint you can contact #VoiceofJustice having the best lawyers for criminal cases. 


Our team of Lawyers have years of experience in navigating the complexities of all areas of criminal law.

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  • I know that without the help of Voice of Justice, I would not have had the success I have had. Mr. Saeed Zafar took on an extremely difficult case and faced challenges that no one expected and few had ever faced. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was revealed and presented perfectly. He supported my every request and guided me through the long process. Even though we faced difficulties, Mr. Zafar did not give up. His meticulous research provided us with the path we needed to ascend to victory. I can only recommend Voice of Justice because I have never been, and have never seen myself, treated better. I am proud to be a Voice of Justice client and will continue to engage the firm for any legal matters that may arise because I know I am in the best hands.

    Mr. Shahzaib Raza
  • My experience with Voice of Justice was great. My lawyer, Mr. Saeed Zafar, gave my case all the time and attention it needed to succeed in court. He was a calming and reassuring presence during a very difficult trial. Although I retained his services, Mr. Saeed Zafar treated me as a valued client. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and support I received through Voice of Justice.

    Mr. Ahmad Jalil
  • My experience with Voice of Justice was tremendous. These people know their job and do everything they can to help you. I consulted Voice of Justice on two different occasions and in each case the utmost care and professionalism were taken. I also appreciate working with people who care about you personally, not just working with you as a “case”. I highly recommend them.

    Mrs. Ramsha Javed