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Commercial bank scheduled in Pakistan being regulated by State Bank of Pakistan offer several abundant finance facilities to customers based on their personal as well as business needs. However, during the processing and sanctioning of finance facilities different illegal modes are adopted by banks to secure their transactions and nevertheless take undue advantage over customers through several concealed stipulations not read and consented to by the customer or charging of illegal mark-up, penalties and other charges which are considered illegal by law ending to committing of default by Customer, following which matter shapes up into litigation. For the purpose to protect the rights of customers several laws in Pakistan had been incorporated from time to time against illegal banking practice adopted in Pakistan to defraud customers.

Voice of Justice deals with following issues:

Charging of illegal mark-up

Charging of illegal fee

Late Payment Charges

Charging of default surcharge and other illegal entries

Misappropriating amounts being entitlement of customer

Harassment and blackmailing Customers

Fraud and forgery by bankers

Undue advantage over customers

Misappropriating amounts being entitlement of bank

Procuring signatures of customers on blank documents

We serve the best service

Voice of Justice has team of experts having immense experience in the field of modern banking laws and practices, have provided extensive legal services including assisting, consulting, negotiating, provided feasibility on banking laws and policy and litigating on behalf of banks and customers at different forums as case may be. Voice of Justice also provide legal opinion with regards to cases already pending before different forums including Banking Court and Court of Appeal. Our team of professional attorneys allows every client to avail a complete range of banking and financing consultation that helps in taking long term profitable decisions. Voice of Justice handle all kinds of documentation from corporate lending papers to indemnities, letters of credit and credit cards.


Words From Clients

  • I know that without the help of Voice of Justice, I would not have had the success I have had. Mr. Saeed Zafar took on an extremely difficult case and faced challenges that no one expected and few had ever faced. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was revealed and presented perfectly. He supported my every request and guided me through the long process. Even though we faced difficulties, Mr. Zafar did not give up. His meticulous research provided us with the path we needed to ascend to victory. I can only recommend Voice of Justice because I have never been, and have never seen myself, treated better. I am proud to be a Voice of Justice client and will continue to engage the firm for any legal matters that may arise because I know I am in the best hands.

    Mr. Shahzaib Raza
  • My experience with Voice of Justice was great. My lawyer, Mr. Saeed Zafar, gave my case all the time and attention it needed to succeed in court. He was a calming and reassuring presence during a very difficult trial. Although I retained his services, Mr. Saeed Zafar treated me as a valued client. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and support I received through Voice of Justice.

    Mr. Ahmad Jalil
  • My experience with Voice of Justice was tremendous. These people know their job and do everything they can to help you. I consulted Voice of Justice on two different occasions and in each case the utmost care and professionalism were taken. I also appreciate working with people who care about you personally, not just working with you as a “case”. I highly recommend them.

    Mrs. Ramsha Javed